Issue Advocacy

Lobbyists work inside a capitol building or a city hall. We work outside. Our job is to make sure the external environment regarding our client’s point of view is supportive so their lobbyists can be successful.


Staging the external environment

Our issue advocacy services begin with our gaining a thorough understanding of our client’s public policy issue, their objectives and the surrounding politics. From there, we develop an outreach plan specifically targeted toward influencing the decision-makers who will ultimately vote yes or no on that issue.

We may field a targeted poll to help us message the issue and better understand constituent sentiment. We research targeted elected officials to understand their history on the issue and to whom they listen. We identify and train credible stakeholders and then deploy them in a number of ways including participation in editorial board meetings, media interviews, delivering public testimony and visiting legislators.

To learn more, email us at info@thinkhubbell.com or call us at 503-796-3013.