A strong PR campaign is one of the biggest assets a business can have for building their brand’s public image and reputation. In the age of social media, businesses tend to think of PR more in terms of reputation management, social visibility, and reach. While these are all components of an effective PR strategy, the goals of a PR campaign are actually much more far reaching.

An effective, strong PR campaign should create an unmistakable buzz around your brand. It should work to elevate your brand image, form a stronger relationship between you and the public, and contribute to a nice boost in your revenue.

To illustrate the effectiveness of a strategic PR campaign, here are a few of the best PR examples from the past decade.

HostelWorld World Polishing Their Image with “Even Divas are Believers”

World travel is a goal that is on the bucket lists of millions of people. However, financial limitations can often get in the way of making this dream a reality. Rather than sit back and let life pass you by, HostelWorld suggests you let them help connect you with safe, affordable accommodations for your travels.

The only problem is that hostels have a reputation of being dirty, unsafe, and better suited for younger travelers who haven’t become accustomed to more luxurious accommodations. HostelWorld broke through this stigma by partnering with mega diva, Mariah Carey. The campaign transformed HostelWorld’s image and attracted a new audience to their services.

American Express Small Business Saturday

What can a giant in the financial world like American Express do to help build a stronger relationship with the “little guy”? In 2010, American Express launched their Small Business Saturday campaign, which provided an incentive for their card holders to invest in local small businesses.

American Express launched their PR campaign by providing a credit to hundreds of thousands of card holders to spend at small businesses. Additionally, they provided small businesses with tools to promote their products and services. It was a genius move that made American Express more relatable and respected in the eyes of the average consumer.


In 2012, Procter & Gamble launched their now iconic #LikeAGirl PR campaign. For generations, the phrase “like a girl” was often used as an insult. Tired of this stigma, Proctor & Gamble took the opportunity to turn the phrase into one that was associated with strength and empowerment through a PR movement with their Always brand products. The campaign was so well received that it even received accolades from the United Nations.

From a business standpoint, Proctor & Gamble associated themselves as being pro woman, which helped them connect to a larger portion of their market, including a new generation of young women with whom they wanted to build a relationship – and they accomplished this by supporting and strengthening women through promoting a more positive self-image.

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