Did you know that healthy and frequent internal communication in the workplace is essential for strong teamwork and a positive atmosphere? In the digital age, this form of communication has become more convenient – and necessary – than ever before.

According to Hyperlink InfoSystem, nearly 15% of an employee’s time is spent in communication with coworkers, another 20-25% looking for business-related information, and another 20% checking mailboxes and messages.

All of this workplace communication can stand in the way of actual work. After all, if these numbers are accurate, less than 50% of time spent at work is truly productive. Taking advantage of new internal communications tools can boost productivity and change the way you handle your business.

Here are five impressive tools to consider:


If you’ve created a Facebook group for your employees, you’ll enjoy using Yammer – a social network designed specifically for internal communication. While you can post engaging content and encourage camaraderie on Facebook, there are certain topics that simply need more privacy before discussion can begin.

On the outside, Yammer resembles Facebook. It offers profile pages, status updates, and a similar sharing system. However, the platform has been completely privatized for businesses, giving you the protection you deserve. The best part? Yammer is free, with an optional $3/month upgrade with advanced administration, support, and security.


Perhaps one of the popular internal communication tools is Basecamp. This platform is ideal for project management, whether you need to organize ten employees or ten thousand. Basecamp ensures everyone is on the same page, using state-of-the-art discussion boards, personal to-do lists, and automatic status updates for all parties involved.


To access Slack, you’ll need to create a team. After logging in, you’ll find a clean and straightforward interface sporting a few different channels. These channels can be used to create group conversations on a multitude of topics. You can also use private messages for one-on-one communication, or create a private group for the discussion of important issues.

To make Slack the most efficient for your business, consider tweaking your notification settings. Even though communication through Slack is convenient – coming in short, constant bursts – it can be distracting.


If you have a smaller team and feel overwhelmed by Basecamp, there’s always Trello. This platform was also designed for project management, using a straightforward, task-based interface to keep you organized. The creation of cards, which can be labeled, color-coded, and assigned to different team members, makes for a great vision of the big picture.


Every bit as impressive as the rest, StaffConnect is a professional application used solely for internal communication. It was created to connect colleagues and start two-way conversations.

Through this application, you can disseminate information, deliver important updates, and display important results to your team. You can even use StaffConnect to promote events both on and offline.

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