Not all PR companies are created equal, but what is it about some firms that makes them so successful where others fall flat? Most PR companies have a few tricks up their sleeves, but the very best ones almost always share a few of the same basic secrets of success. We’re not going to tell you all of them, because we like a little mystery, but we will share the top five secrets of some of the most successful PR companies today.

They Have a Solid Reputation of Their Own

Are you willing to trust your own reputation to a PR company that hasn’t built a stellar one for themselves? Probably not, and that’s why the most successful PR companies make their own reputation management a top priority.

The top PR companies build a solid reputation within their communities. It’s crucial for a PR firm’s success that the media trusts that they can craft a story that’s both newsworthy and credible. This all plays into the way they are perceived by the public and prospective clients. When there’s tangible evidence that a PR firm has outstanding community relationships and a proven track record of success, it becomes easy to trust them with the brand you’ve worked so hard to build.

They Choose Their Relationships Carefully

So, how exactly do PR companies build their reputations? By choosing their relationships carefully. Good PR firms work carefully to cultivate relationships not only with the media, but with other leaders and influencers in their communities — civic and business leaders, elected officials, non-profit organizations and other thought leaders. These relationships not only help validate a firm’s capabilities, they can help the firm more effectively serve their clients.

They View PR as Part of an Integrated Marketing Strategy

Today, the lines between digital marketing and public relations are often blurred. While their processes are different, the goals are essentially the same – to build brand recognition, trust and steer customers towards the businesses they service.

From message development to promoting the launch of a new product, the top PR companies understand the importance of their role for increasing the effectiveness of their client’s marketing campaigns.

They’re Proactive

The best PR firms don’t wait around until they are needed. Instead, they take a proactive approach to building and protecting the reputation of their clients. This stems from the mindset that a client is more than a paycheck. In fact, the most successful firms view themselves as their client’s marketing partners and constantly work to build a reputation that’s so solid it’s practically indestructible.

They’re Adaptable

Finally, one of the top secrets of the most successful PR companies is that they are adaptable. It’s an unavoidable fact of the industry that client needs are going to change, and that sometimes this happens at the drop of a hat. The best PR firms are constantly learning new strategies and tactics for reputation management and they aren’t afraid to reach out of their comfort zone and try something new if that’s what it takes to get results.

The reputation of your business is too important to place in the hands of just any PR company. We’re a team of experts that approach your PR needs with experience and proven track records of success. Contact Hubbell Communications today to learn more about our full range of PR services.