Coalition Management Services

There is strength in numbers, and nowhere does this apply more than in matters of public policy. Sometimes like-minded companies, industries or organizations find that by banding together around a particular public policy issue, they can not only be more persuasive, but can also avoid unnecessarily singling themselves out particularly when the issue is controversial.

Our coalition management services begin with our gaining a thorough understanding of a client(s) issue and who else it might affect. Of particular interest are groups that are uniquely impacted by the issue but who do not have a profit motive. From there we develop a name and brand identity for the coalition and, if necessary, assist our client(s) in creating a separate legal structure for the group. Once formed, we provide a full range of services which could include paid and earned media, creation of digital assets (website and social media platforms) and other creative materials, ally recruitment, and an advocacy plan designed specifically to achieve the public policy objectives of the client(s).

Our Coalition Management Toolbox:


  • Ally identification and recruitment: Accomplishing a public policy outcome often requires identifying others who share your point of view and recruiting them to advocate in your (and their) self-interest. Finding the overlap between your interests and those of other influentials requires an ability to become fluent with complex topics quickly as well as a thorough understanding of the various individuals and groups who might have a reason to advocate on your behalf.
  • Message development: Message development is the cornerstone of everything we do. If the message isn’t right, nothing else will be. We use our instincts and years in the business to develop message platforms that will win for our clients. When budgets and timelines allow, we work with some of the best researchers in the country to develop effective messaging for our clients.
  • Media relations: The media business isn’t only about identifying a compelling story and angle. It’s also about personal connections and relationships. We help make those connections and correspond with news anchors, editors and reporters to ensure your story is heard.
  • Fundraising: We help our coalition clients build support and fund their efforts by developing and executing fundraising strategies. We can provide those services directly or integrate outside fundraising specialists into our team.
  • Board relations: It is imperative for non-profit coalitions to know and follow good corporate governance practices. We do this by leveraging our own experience as well as the expertise of legal partners with whom we consult.



To learn more, email us at info@thinkhubbell.com or call us at 503-796-3013.

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