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In survey after survey, the number one employee complaint is lack of or inadequate communication from management about the company, how it’s doing and what individual employees can do to improve overall performance. Most companies have some form of employee communication but many are either dissatisfied or unsure of its effectiveness.

Our internal communication services begin with a thorough audit of a client’s existing communication program and how it’s perceived internally. This audit is prepared based on one-on-one interviews with key management and rank and file employees. In certain cases, we might also use employee focus groups and/or surveys. From there, we develop a report that assesses the current state and makes recommendations for improvement. The client can either implement those recommendations themselves or ask us for help. When we do engage beyond the initial report, we provide a full range of internal communications services including scripting for employee meetings, production of employee videos and publications, spokesperson training, and design of employee recognition and other incentive programs.

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Our Internal Communications Toolbox:


  • Communication audits: Our first step in creating communication programs within organizations is to conduct a thorough analysis of existing communication systems and finding ways to leverage and improve what our clients are already doing. Our audits include in-depth interviews of employees and management at all levels and in some cases, customers and vendors. Our deliverable is a set of actionable recommendations designed to help out clients achieve their communication goals.
  • Content development: There is an increasing amount of competition for peoples’ eyes, ears and minds, so to ensure our clients’ information punches through the clutter we use our expertise to break down complex information into digestible and relevant bites of information to appeal to each target audience. We work to make your content “sticky” and memorable through the use of infographics, videos and other creative approaches.
  • Presentation Training: When it’s appropriate for our clients to participate in speaking engagements or make presentations, we work side by side with you to ensure you are fully prepared to successfully represent your organization and interests. We help you to develop clear and concise talking points, help hone your delivery and use every possible means to coach you through the presentation, including practicing on-camera delivery, if the need arises.


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To learn more, email us at info@thinkhubbell.com or call us at 503-796-3013.

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