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Depending on your objectives – promotion and publicity, damage control, reputation enhancement – media relations strategies can and do vary widely. Our media relations team understands the ever-changing media landscape and how vastly different it has become with the advent of 24-hour news cycles, online publications, hyper-specialization of print and broadcast media, and the increasing influence of social media and the blogosphere.

Our media relations services begin with our gaining a full understanding of a client’s situation and helping them to determine how media relations might be able to help them achieve their goals. We help our clients develop and maintain clear and credible messaging, identify and prioritize audiences and devise a customized plan to deliver their messages through the most appropriate media channels. We also provide continuous media monitoring services so that we can help clients adjust their messaging and strategy as their situation evolves.

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Our Media Relations Toolbox:


  • Message development: Message development is the cornerstone of everything we do. If the message isn’t right, nothing else will be. We use our instincts and years in the business to develop message platforms that will win for our clients. When budgets and timelines allow, we work with some of the best researchers in the country to develop effective messaging for our clients.
  • Content/Collateral development: There is an increasing amount of competition for peoples’ eyes, ears and minds. To ensure our clients’ information punches through the clutter, we use our expertise to break down complex information into digestible and relevant bites of information to appeal to each target audience. We work to make your content “sticky” and memorable through the use of infographics, videos and other creative approaches.
  • Story placement: A keen understanding of how the news media operate and of media outlets, media markets and content needs is key to earning placement of a story. When developing your media strategy, we craft your story, tailor the pitch and target customized media markets to put out the best story possible — with the best chances of successful placement.
  • Editorial board briefings: Winning support of a newspaper’s editorial board offers credibility and authority to your position. We help clients craft a strategy, make connections and deliver their message to editorial boards to raise awareness and earn support for their objectives.


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To learn more, email us at info@thinkhubbell.com or call us at 503-796-3013.

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