Hubbell Audiocast: How COVID-19 is Changing Gen Z

April 23rd, 2020
Tags: COVID-19

    Gen Z is facing a uniquely challenging situation. They were supposed to graduate into the strongest job market in a generation. Now they’re having to rethink their career paths. Despite being the first generation of digital natives, they’re suddenly having to navigate e-learning and virtual networking. For soon-to-be graduates, they’re having [...]

Hubbell Audiocast: Why Structural Integrity Matters

April 14th, 2020
Tags: COVID-19

  A Message from Ward Hubbell   Many years ago when my kids were still little, I noticed moisture on the wall next to our fireplace. I called a contractor friend to come check it out. His name was Tom. After a few minutes on our roof, Tom determined the flashing around our [...]

COVID-19: Communicating the Unknown

March 24th, 2020

A NOTE FROM WARD HUBBELL When my daughter was a few years old she asked me: “Daddy, what happens when we die? Do dogs go to heaven?” As much as I wanted to assure her I knew the answer – and comfort her – I just couldn’t bring myself to look her in the eyes [...]

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