What is public relations? What is public affairs? How do you determine which service you need if you don’t know the difference? Hubbell is here to help.

Many people struggle to differentiate between public relations and public affairs, primarily because it is not always clear which is which, or even what services each field encompasses.

pub·lic re·la·tionsnoun — the professional maintenance of a favorable public image by an individual, company or other organization.

On one hand, public relations encompasses the execution of strategic communication tactics – message development, media relations, digital outreach, coalition building – to build awareness and/or bolster the reputations of products, services, organizations and the like.  Unlike traditional advertising and marketing, which rely on paid placements, most PR campaigns seek to generate true, organic, third-party support for a client’s goals and objectives.

pub·lic af·fairs noun – matters of general interest or concern, especially those dealing with current social or political issues.

Public affairs, on the other hand, uses many of those same communication tactics – media relations, digital, coalition building — to create support or opposition regarding matters of public policy.  By strategically executing public affairs tools, we are able to influence target audiences and build support for our client’s public policy and/or business objectives.

So, what does Hubbell Communications do?

Hubbell Communications is a public relations firm. We harness the power of words and images to enhance or repair reputations, manage difficult situations and improve the understanding of complex matters.

Hubbell Communications is also a public affairs firm. We understand how public decisions are made and how to influence them. We leverage the power of words, images and people to advance the public policy goals of our clients.

Here at Hubbell, we can help with both public relations campaigns, and public affairs strategies. We are former campaign strategists, journalists, elected officials, and corporate communication executives and use our wide range of skills to engage in strategic public relations campaigns and public affairs efforts.

If you’re not sure whether your organization is in need of support in public relations, public affairs, or both, give us a call and see how we can help!