As members of society, we each have a unique interest in shaping the public policy that affects our lives. From a business or organizational perspective, our motivations for inspiring change can be even more significant. There is incredible power in numbers, and when multiple businesses and organizations join forces, their potential to inspire change in public policy grows exponentially. Grassroots activation is one of the first, most important steps in this process.


What Is Grassroots Activation?


The successful beginning of any strategy that encourages change in public policy begins with understanding what grassroots activation is and how it works. This all starts by looking at the origin of grassroots.


If we were to go back in time and look at when the term “grassroots” first started to gain traction, we would find ourselves in the early- mid twentieth century and learn that the term was used to describe political action that happened from the grass roots up. Today, the essence of this definition still stands.


Grassroots activation is the ground where the seeds of political activation are planted. If the “establishment” is the control center at the top of the political pyramid, grassroots is where everyday citizens of society begin to make their voice heard. Grassroots activation is incredibly important for small and medium sized businesses and organizations who are often deeply and personally affected by changes in public policy – or lack thereof.


What Makes for Effective Grassroots Activation?


Regardless of our differences, most people want to do good and encourage public policy that proves to be of the most benefit for society as a whole. In a highly politicized world, it’s easy to lose sight of how much power individual people and organizations have in affecting this change. Effective grassroots activation begins with the gathering of like minded people that have the greater good of their society in mind and working with them to help them stand together as a strong, unified voice that delivers a message of change and possibility to other citizens and those located further up the political pyramid.


Grassroots activation brings together various affected groups and transforms them into one powerful advocate for change. This is something that the group itself is seldom capable of on their own, but with the help of a grassroots activation agency, the potential for effecting change becomes a reality.


A grassroots activation agency begins by understanding their client’s goals and objectives compared to current public policy. From there, a strategy for targeted outreach is developed to communicate these goals and objectives to special interest groups who are either directly or indirectly affected by public policy and any future change. This most effective path for this involves identifying key stakeholders and players that further lend credibility and a certain degree of influential power to the movement.


The effectiveness of grassroots activation doesn’t just depend on the stakeholders involved, but also the message and how it is delivered. Without a message that other affected parties can relate to, it becomes difficult to lift the grassroots movement of the ground. Because of this, message development, delivery and outreach are crucially important components of a grassroots campaign.


Work with an Experienced Activation Partner


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