As any business manager or owner could tell you, maintaining a successful and well-balanced company is no small task. Among the most important drivers for balanced success is the maintenance and support of healthy employee relations. Every company is dependent on every employee. Employees own the skills, energy, and wherewithal that makes a company succeed. That’s why an internal communication strategy, intentionally designed to maximize employee participation and collaboration, may provide your company with a distinct competitive advantage.

With that in mind, here are three proven internal communication methods for your company to consider.


Create a Blog


Whether it’s in print, online, through a social media group or via intranet, consider creating team or company-wide blogs. This creative platform allows employees to stay up to date with company programs, employee highlights, community involvement, key milestones or successes, etc. By establishing a collection of articles that relate to timely or impactful company news, you will have a tangible archive that can be used as a resource when developing future projects, employment opportunities, events, celebrations and more.

Include photos of employees, events or products in each blog post. This draws people in by humanizing the company and its efforts, which better establishes a sense of pride among employees. This sense of pride may even fuel employees to share blogs with family members, friends or on social media, further increasing overall exposure for the company’s efforts and values.

Lastly, allow employees to support efforts related to the blog and encourage their suggestion and insight on compelling topics. This approach allows employees to see firsthand the impact of the company they work for as well as solidify employee integration with overall company goals.


Establish a Newsletter


Similar to a blog, a regular company newsletter offers a way to share announcements, employee stories, events, milestones, etc. Whether it’s in print or online, a bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly newsletter highlights the things that matter most.  

This curated newsletter should align with your company’s brand guidelines. It should also include photos, quotes, and employee highlights to truly showcase the company’s voice and values. By stepping away for a time from daily operating activities, a newsletter allows us to look around and remind ourselves of the larger values and goals that drive our company (and also remind us of why those daily operating activities are so important).


Kickstart Rotating Slides on TV Monitors


Finally, consider investing in TV monitors that display timely industry, company, HR and product news content across your company’s operations. This avenue allows staff to stay up to speed on important information through visually appealing slides. It is especially valuable for companies that require significant physical space (warehouse, assembly or manufacturing operations) or have multiple branches or physical locations.

Following your company’s own brand standards, slides can be thematic. For example, there could be a look and feel for HR news and another look and feel for product news. A visual system like this is a proven way to engage employees as well as empower those employees to learn more about the company and your industry.


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