Tresa Peters, Director of Operations

A detail-oriented multi-tasker, Tresa manages every aspect of Hubbell's day-to-day logistics and operations.

One part CFO, one part HR Director, one part Office Administrator, Tresa is our "behind the scenes" director who handles some of the most critical aspects of our work - from making sure clients have timely invoices to making sure we're recruiting the best talent.

Tresa helps project teams integrate systems to ensure we're tracking budgets and our business operations are running efficiently. She is our go-to expert for putting out fires before - often before the rest of the team even realizes they are lit.

No question, Tresa is the hub that keeps the wheels moving at Hubbell.

A native Oregonian, Tresa has worked with public utility, automotive, and manufacturing brands providing administrative support and developing systems and procedures to for company operations such as sales and staffing.

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