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Our mission has always been focused on building better communities through the power of storytelling. And as communications professionals, we believe it is fundamental to hear different perspectives. This helps us all understand how the decisions we make in our communities impact the people who call the Pacific Northwest home. The Better Communities Podcast is a production of Hubbell Communications.


We are often told society today is more divided than ever. But what is driving this division?

In this episode, we explore issues of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination through a unique lens. Listen as we take a journey into a group commonly misunderstood: hunters.

Join us as host Bryan Dorn goes on his first hunting trip and meets up with Jimmy Flatt of Hunters of Color to talk about why hunting is seen as a “white man’s sport”; with Marcia Brownlee of Artemis Sportswomen about her mission to bend gender stereotypes in the community; with Carla Brauer about her journey from being a vegan animal rights activist to a proponent of ethical hunting practices; with Evan Charpentier on his experience as both a hunter and soccer Dad in Lake Oswego; and Ian Isaacson of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers about why the hunting community needs to do more to tell its story better.

The COVID crisis has had far reaching impacts on Oregon’s economy from closed restaurants to work from home practices. But a story that has largely gone untold is the impact this crisis is having on Oregon’s food producers. What happens when restaurants are forced to close overnight, and shoppers panic buy supermarket shelves? How do farms react to an ever-changing market and what will this mean for Oregon’s food economy? Join us as we talk with framers, ranchers, and dairymen to better understand how this pandemic is impacting agriculture in the PNW.

In this short episode we sit down with Hubbell Communications founder Ward Hubbell and his father to learn some valuable life lessons about raising children and participating in the community. Join us as we learn about the values instilled in Ward at a young age that he brings to Hubbell Communications today.

Our hospitals have been celebrated for their role on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have watched the images of doctors, nurses and first responders working long hours and saving lives. It is a powerful testament to the role our hospitals play in our community. But there is more at stake as we look ahead to what comes after the crisis subsides. Hospitals are now facing a second crisis – one that may be more complex and intractable than the rapid response to treat sick patients. Listen as we talk with three of Oregon’s top hospital and healthcare leaders about the challenges ahead – and how this pandemic will change our healthcare system going forward.

Gen Z is facing a uniquely challenging situation. They were supposed to graduate into the strongest job
market in a generation. Now they are having to rethink their career paths. Despite being the first
generation of digital natives, they are suddenly having to navigate e-learning and virtual networking. For
soon-to-be graduates, they are having to job hunt and start their careers through remote channels. In
this episode, our own Bryan Dorn, a recent college graduate himself, shares the voices and experiences
of Gen Z – and how they are rethinking life in a post-COVID world.

The COVID crisis has caused unprecedented change in our communities. Restaurants are shut down; businesses are working from home and health care employees are focusing on emergency care. During all this, businesses are having to adapt to ever changing policies and growing uncertainty. So, how do you communicate the unknown and how can you be a leader when the future looks bleak? In this episode of the Better Communities Podcast we talk with Hubbell Communications Founder Ward Hubbell to better understand how to lead and communicate in uncharted waters

Across the nation higher education institutions face an arguably unprecedented slate of dire circumstances. From waning enrollment, to declining birth rates, to skyrocketing student debt, tuition, and the costs colleges bear to deliver degrees–the mainstream story is grim.

In this episode, Hubbell President Zach Hyder hosts Melody Rose, a higher education growth coach and governance consultant, and Hubbell President Ward Hubbell to break down what is really happening within the walls of America’s higher education institutions.

The Oregon legislative session just wrapped. On the agenda was an ambitious plan to cap Oregon’s greenhouse emissions in a carbon marketplace known as “cap and trade.” Opponents of the bill made national headlines by walking out of session to prevent its passage. But even with a supermajority, the Democratic leadership did not have the votes to pass the bill. So, what happened? What lessons can we learn about the power of human-interest messaging and the state of public discourse in Oregon today?