The Challenge

Our Client, a global energy company, asked Hubbell Communications to help them build public support for a multi-billion-dollar hydroelectric facility in a rural corner of the Pacific Northwest. While the facility would produce significant economic activity in an otherwise economically depressed area, it was opposed by tribal and other interest groups concerned with potential environmental impacts.

The Strategy

Hubbell worked alongside the project management team to advance the project through several phases of regulatory approval. Our strategy centered on building a coalition of supporters and influencing public opinion by elevating thought leadership within government, business and the community. Through earned media, speaking engagements, direct mail campaigns, and monitoring legislation, we were able to build local, state and federal support for the project.

The Results

As a result of our efforts, we were able to establish universal support among businesses, local economic development organizations and local elected officials. We secured support from state and federal VIPs for the project and generated two supportive editorials from local newspapers, while mitigating potential opposition. To date, the project has cleared all major hurdles and is on track to receive a license.