The Challenge

Our Clients, two local governments, were concerned that the state legislature would reduce funding for a valuable economic development program that greatly benefited their communities. While a full court press was in place to lobby for its continued funding, they needed to build public awareness and support for this program throughout the legislative session.

The Strategy

Recognizing that this issue was not on the minds of the average voter and sufficiently complex that it could be easily misconstrued by voters, Hubbell designed an aggressive but surgical advocacy effort designed to identify, recruit and prepare potential allies to weigh in favorably for the program as needed throughout the legislative session.

We began by identifying a broad range of constituents in targeted districts across the state – business owners, local governments, economic development experts – who benefitted from the program. We conducted a statewide road show targeting specific groups and individuals to alert them to the threat and recruit them to join the advocacy effort.

We worked with each stakeholder and group to craft their own unique and compelling stories and turned these into memorable collateral material – infographics, legislative leave-behinds, social media posts – that was disseminated strategically throughout the session.  We recruited and prepared certain stakeholders to testify before legislative committees and to voice their support publicly through the traditional and online media.

The Results

Due to Hubbell’s efforts, the lobby team was able to provide compelling and authoritative support for the program to key legislators throughout the session. As a result, the economic development program was protected.