The Challenge

Politically-motivated and largely out-of-state environmental organizations worked to pass a fuel standard in Oregon at a high economic cost to consumers with minimal environmental benefits. While a full court lobby effort was taking place in the Capitol, our client needed to build a vocal opposition.

The Strategy

Hubbell Communications was retained to design and build a statewide coalition of credible affected parties who could be called upon to lend grassroots support and enhanced credibility to the “NO on LCFS” movement. Collectively known as Oregonians for Sound Fuel Policy, this group of large and small businesses and their trade associations became the voice of the “No” effort, and its members were frequently dispatched to contact their legislators, testify at hearings, participate in editorial board briefings and other campaign activities.

We employed a mix of earned media, paid media, social media, strategic advocacy and good old fashioned face-to-face outreach. We worked with partners to develop and implement strategic messaging with the Oregon press corps and targeted communications with supporters and potential allies. We built a compelling story around the issue and then used various communication methods to drive the conversation and compel people toward action.

The Results

Through our grassroots efforts, dozens of influential business, industry and consumer organizations weighed in against this standard, and thousands of everyday Oregonians wrote to or phoned their legislators. Through our outreach to major media outlets in the state, including a news conference held at the statehouse at the beginning of the session, every major daily paper in the state editorialized in our favor and our field efforts resulted in hundreds of small businesses and individuals advocating against the measure.