The Challenge

Our client, a national non-profit organization supporting seniors, was concerned that budget cutters in Congress would reduce or eliminate funding for a popular federal healthcare program serving millions of Americans. They turned to Hubbell to generate public expressions of support for this program in the Pacific Northwest.

The Strategy

Hubbell targeted carefully selected venues, including retirement living and fitness facilities, throughout the state for “Action Events” designed to inform and recruit seniors to join our advocacy effort. Through one-on-one interviews, we captured real stories and photos of beneficiaries and shared them digitally through social media and a campaign website. We generated earned media coverage through interviews, op-ed submissions and letters to the editor. We also scheduled in-district meetings with local seniors and their Congressional representatives.

Hubbell identified and recruited a diverse group of seniors — retired teachers, authors, business owners and ranchers — to tell their own unique stories about how beneficial this program has been to their overall health and wellness. Quotes, stories, pictures and videos were captured and pushed through the campaign website and social media pages, generating hundreds of likes, shares and supportive comments. Additional personal stories were used in opinion pieces which were published in targeted media outlets. Photos along with quotes and the names of hundreds of seniors from across the region were collected on a petition and included on large, press-friendly cards presented during in-district meetings with their Members of Congress.

The Results

Due to our and others’ efforts across the nation, the value of this program has been acknowledged by Congressional leaders and continues to be funded.