The Challenge

Our Client, a regional blood collection organization, was preparing to enter the Portland/Vancouver market in the face of stiff competition from a large, entrenched competitor. They turned to Hubbell Communications to help them to establish a foothold in a competitive marketplace.

The Strategy

Relying on its deep knowledge of the Oregon and Washington business communities, the Hubbell team designed a 5-part strategy – key influencer identification, high-level introductions, earned media, organizational participation and social media outreach — designed to increase our Client’s brand awareness, establish their credibility, and open doors with some of the most influential organizations in the region.

After carefully analyzing the competitive landscape, the Hubbell team developed a priority list of highly visible companies and government agencies that were either unaffiliated with a competitor or open to considering a relationship for blood collection services with our Client. Hubbell arranged high-level introductions with dozens of the state’s leading corporations, business groups and many of its political leaders including local mayors, city council members, legislators and agency heads.  We also facilitated participation opportunities for our Client with high profile regional events in the healthcare arena. We also launched an earned and social media campaign that resulted in a steady stream of favorable impressions for our Client each month.

The Results

As a result of our efforts, our Client was able to establish working relationships with some of the region’s most respected and influential entities and establish themselves as a credible player in the Portland/Vancouver market.