We all have a story to tell and how we tell it is crucial. It only takes an instant for someone to form a first impression, so your messaging and execution should be on target each and every time you are in the public domain.

This might be easier if not for the ease and speed with which information now travels across our communities and indeed the world. Today, information can circle the globe in a matter of seconds making a thoughtful and strategic public relations plan essential to protecting and managing your reputation.

That’s where Hubbell Communications comes in.

Why You Need a PR Firm

There are several reasons an organization may need a PR firm. In some cases, it’s a matter of needing a certain type of expertise.  Few organizations are staffed to handle every conceivable communication challenge so it may be necessary to reach out to a firm that has a specialization in a field like employee communications, crisis management or public affairs.

Another reason might be bandwidth. While many organizations have skilled communicators on staff, sometimes situations arise that exceed an organization’s ability to respond sufficiently. Having a reliable PR firm can be a good option in these type situations.

Finally, sometimes a fresh set of eyes can see things that others might not, particularly those who have been steeped in an issue for a long time. Reaching out to a public relations firm might result in new ideas and approaches.

The Role of a PR Firm in Your Operations

Public relations encompasses many aspects of brand development. It includes media relations, reputation management, crisis communication, issue advocacy and more. When you choose to work with a PR firm, they become your partner in protecting the brand you’ve worked so hard to build.

They accomplish this by:

  • Being honest and straightforward. PR professionals counsel your key players on policy decisions, how to handle communications and your responsibilities as a member of the social media community.
  • Keeping the public informed of your contributions and value to the community.
  • Helping plan and implement strategic policy changes.
  • Building and maintaining relationships with the media and community leaders.


We’re Ready to Roll Up Our Sleeves

At Hubbell Communications, we’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get a little dirt under our fingernails. We’re straightforward, hardworking and results driven. When you’re ready for a PR firm that wants to work with you, not just for you, then we’re the ones to call. Reach out and contact Hubbell Communications today to learn more about our PR services.