Hey folks, Olin here, back for an almost weekly blog post. Time has been flying by as I absorb everything Hubbell has to offer. I have reached an unofficial halfway point for my internship here, which is crazy because it feels like just yesterday that I took my seat in the office; and yet, I have learned an exponential amount of information already.

While my stint in the office hasn’t even reached a full month yet, I have been lucky enough to experience a lot of different aspects that come with having a job in public relations. Two projects in particular have allowed me to work on many different tasks and gain valuable knowledge and experience: a healthcare non-profit that Hubbell works closely with and Lloyd Center.

The first work I did for the healthcare non-profit was to draft a monthly newsletter. I’m currently working on a one-pager that will outline important topics for the caregivers of patients with chronic illnesses. I have also made graphics, sat in on Client calls, and worked on material for the organization’s website.

Working with Lloyd Center has allowed me to contribute to the team in other ways, such as writing press releases, working on social media, and even attending a meeting with the Client at Lloyd Center to discuss future plans. Paired with other projects and clients, it’s safe to say I have stayed busy.

Being busy with a job is something new to me, in the sense where there are deadlines and people counting on me to hold up my end. This has forced me to hone in on my time management and how to prioritize my work – skills I have been improving while working here. In the beginning of the internship, I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed because I would try to finish something the day it was brought to me. As the weeks have progressed, I have learned to take my time when I can, to ensure the quality of my work, and to keep my cool. With time management comes prioritizing, and this is something I am still learning in terms of what is important for today and what is important for tomorrow.

Overall, my time here has not only taught me about what it means to work in public relations, but also how I can manage loads of work more easily, skills I hope follow me back to school next month.