In a day when information can travel around the world in the blink of an eye, a good PR agency has the ability to make a major difference in how a company’s brand is perceived. Good PR is always obvious to the casual observer.

Go Big or Go Home

There a couple different approaches to PR. For example, you can go subtle, but to the point, or take it over the top to produce a bit of a shock factor. The shock factor approach often works well for bigger names that generate lots of attention and get people talking. For example, Kanye West’s recent headline provoking return to Twitter ahead of the release of two albums.

But, you don’t need to be a world recognized name to get people to take a second look. Two examples include CALM and Cancer Research UK, who both used a go big PR strategy to bring awareness to very serious issues.

Earlier this year, CALM partnered with sculptor Mark Jenkins to bring awareness to the rate of male suicide in the UK. The sculptures were of men and were placed on rooftops in London. Their message? It’s time to do pay attention and do something to help the 84 men who will take their own life in the UK this week. The statues are unsettling, but that’s the point.

The UK is really on a strong PR kick this year, as demonstrated by Cancer Research UK. Their latest campaign was focused on the connection between rising rates of obesity and cancer. Their approach to the problem? Straight to the point billboards that some found insulting, but others other found inspirational. Sometimes, PR is about understanding how to deliver the message even though there will be opposition.

Bringing It Closer to Home

While the two examples show us how PR can be leveraged to build healthier and more supportive communities, it isn’t always necessary to take the go big approach and great PR firms know the difference.

For example, one of our own clients became concerned with some legislation that was putting the burden and financial weight of lifesaving medical treatments onto chronically ill patients rather than the big insurance companies. They approached us for help and insight into how to bring about change.

Our approach didn’t involve statues or shocking billboards, but instead the formation of a grassroots coalition that shared the personal stories and challenges of chronically ill patients through earned media. We realized that this was a fear or reality that so many people could already relate to.

In this case, PR was able to build the Coalition, which is now a leading voice in patient rights and an advocate against any public policy that threatens to take those rights away.

It’s Time to Get Noticed and Get Results

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