Once upon a time, public relations and marketing were two distinct entities, each serving businesses in different ways. Today, the internet and the vast digital playing field have brought the two closer, often to the point where it’s difficult to differentiate between them. At the end of the day, pubic relations and marketing have the similar goals, it’s their process of achieving them that’s different.

In a perfect world, PR and marketing would work together in perfect synergy, yet there’s often a bit of tug and resistance between them. Successful PR firms understand that they are a valuable asset to your marketing strategy, rather than in competition with it. In fact, public relations can be one of the most cost-effective methods of doubling the effectiveness of your marketing campaign – here’s how.

Key Partners in Building Brand Awareness

One of the primary goals of any good marketing strategy is brand awareness. This is accomplished through a variety of tactics from search engine optimization to paid ad campaigns. But, digital marketing is a lot like baiting a fish – you throw in your line and wait around to see if someone takes a nibble.

Public relations helps make people aware that you exist and amplifies digital marketing efforts in the process. PR firms build awareness of your products or services in ways that marketing can’t by leveraging their media relations to instantly generate a buzz around your brand’s message.  

Generating Trust and Traffic to Your Door

For small and local businesses, establishing trust and credibility is one of the main marketing challenges. Customers are simply hesitant to invest in a brand that they’re unfamiliar with. That’s why many of them turn to the internet to learn more about businesses before making a purchase. Considering that 90% of customers haven’t made up their mind before starting a search, the information put out in the digital universe about your brand is crucial.

A public relations firm can promote positive news stories about your brand and your offerings in a way that marketing alone can’t. Customers view new stories differently than they do advertisements and see them as more credible. When combined with digital marketing, PR can easily elevate your brand’s presence and reputation, which means more customers coming through your door.

They Spot Trends Before They Become Mainstream

So much of marketing is fueled by trends that are constantly changing. It isn’t uncommon for even the best marketing agencies to be caught off guard by a sudden shift in consumer behaviors. As good as your marketing team may be, they can likely benefit from a little help spotting trends before they hit the mainstream.

Who better to accomplish this than a PR company with an eye on everything newsworthy and relevant. The very nature of public relations means that PR companies are often the first to spot trends and act on them. PR trend spotting can influence and fuel the primary tactics of your marketing strategy, like content creation and lead generation.

Tap into the Value of PR for Marketing

You want to present your best image to your customers and the community. Public relations in marketing can be a hugely influential force in building a strong, reputable image of your brand. If you’re going to invest in a marketing strategy, why not do everything within your power to make it the best that it can be. Contact Hubbell Communications today and learn about how our experienced PR team can double the effectiveness of your marketing campaign today.