From a PR firm perspective, the impact of social media on today’s digital advocacy landscape is monumental. According to Pew Research, the overwhelming majority of adults in the United States are engaging regularly with at least one social media platform. The number skyrockets when looking at younger adults aged 18-29. This tells us that social media has become a fundamental tool for building relationships and establishing trust. In fact, some say that you can’t accomplish this without the help of a social presence. 

Considering the weight of social media in our lives today, it’s important that we look closer at the relationship between social networks and digital advocacy campaigns. When leveraged properly, social media can be one of your digital advocacy campaign’s most effective tools for placing your business in a positive light online.

Social Media’s Impact on Public Relations

Social media has made it so news can travel around the internet in the blink of an eye. From a PR firm perspective, this can be either a good or a bad thing. Today, businesses must take care in cultivating a positive image for themselves on social media on a daily basis as part of their overall digital advocacy strategy. The cultivation of this image becomes even more important when there are other factors at play, such as when businesses are reinventing their images or recovering from even minor PR crises.

Social media effortlessly syncs with nearly all types of digital advocacy strategies for many reasons. They are both based on the concept of promoting communication and relationships, and they both require a broader audience to accomplish their goals. A digital advocacy strategy that integrates a social media campaign will typically be more impactful thanks to social media’s ability to amplify your message and deliver it to a larger but more targeted audience.

Social Media Campaigns, Digital Advocacy, and the Trust Factor

Building trust needs to be at the core of every digital advocacy campaign. People today are more cautious toward businesses than they were in years past. This can make it incredibly difficult to establish trust without the tools to demonstrate reliability, authority, and authenticity. Social media is now the place people turn to learn more about businesses and it’s also the place where they’re going to begin building relationships built on trust.

Social media is also important for PR because it’s the place where influential members of communities and industries can be found. Social media campaigns encourage connections with members of the local media and individuals or organizations that influence the audience you need to reach with your digital advocacy campaign.

Your Strategy for a Combined Approach to Digital Advocacy and Social Media Campaigns

Social media has become so central to our lives that sometimes we forget that leveraging it for your professional reputation is a nuanced process. Social media alone isn’t enough to build your organization’s reputation. You also need a dedicated approach to PR management and digital advocacy. All of this is too important to place in the hands of just anyone.

At Hubbell Communications, we’re here to work hard to build your reputation and represent your business or organization. In addition to using social media within your next digital advocacy campaign, we recommend also including:

  • Website development
  • Online/Paid advertising
  • Grassroots activation
  • Content/Collateral development

When you’re ready to place your business in the best possible light online, we’re the digital advocacy agency that’s ready to help. Contact Hubbell Communications today to learn more.