Bridging the Divide

Replacing the I-5 bridge has become a symbol of our broken politics.
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It often feels like the Portland-Vancouver metro region has become bogged down in a culture of political stagnation. We have big ideas. Wes eek to solve big problems like climate change and social justice.

But we have lost our ability to work across our divisions to make big things happen.

The I-5 bridge between Oregon and Washington was built more than a century ago. Today, it stands as a symbol of our inability to bridge our own political disagreements to get something done that is vital to the regional economy.

After failing to garner support in 2013, there is a new team of community and political leaders working to try again. And it’s possible this time it will actually happen.

In this episode, we talk with:

·     DEMI LAWRENCE, reporter, Portland Business Journal

·     LYNN PETERSON, president, Metro

·     GREG JOHNSON, program administrator, Interstate Bridge Replacement Program

·     Vancouver Mayor ANNE MCENERNY-OGLE

·     JOHNELL BELL, principal equity officer, Interstate Bridge Replacement Program

Listen to learn what failed in previous attempts, how they are rethinking the steps needed to get back to fixing big problems, and how they hope to deliver the kind of progress our regional economy needs to keep working for everyone.