Division and the Discomfort of Otherness

We are often told society today is more divided than ever. But what is...
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We are often told society today is more divided than ever. But what is driving this division? A number of factors are fueling this narrative of “us versus them” in our communities. Ideology, race, gender, class, and geography have come to define who we listen to – and who we distrust. Add in an increasingly complex media ecosystem designed to connect us but which has, in fact, divided us further. Much of this stems from our willingness to make assumptions about others – and to misunderstand other people’s core values, beliefs, and intentions.

But are we really that divided?

In this episode, we explore issues of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination through a unique lens. Listen as we take a journey into a group commonly misunderstood: hunters. Join us as host Bryan Dorn goes on his first hunting trip and meets up with Jimmy Flatt of Hunters of Color to talk about why hunting is seen as a “white man’s sport”; with Marcia Brownlee of Artemis Sportswomen about her mission to bend gender stereotypes in the community; with Carla Brauer about her journey from being a vegan animal rights activist to a proponent of ethical hunting practices; with Evan Charpentier on his experience as both a hunter and soccer Dad in Lake Oswego; and Ian Isaacson of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers about why the hunting community needs to do more to tell its story better.