Rethinking Free Speech in the Era of Cancel Culture

Nowhere is cancel culture more apparent than on college campuses.
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The term “cancel culture” is a buzzword these days. Nevertheless, it deserves thoughtful analysis.

Nowhere is cancel culture more apparent than on college and university campuses. According to a 2021 survey, more than 80% of American college students reported censoring themselves at least some of the time.

This should raise a red flag for everyone.

In this episode, we explore the evolving role of colleges and universities in facilitating productive conversation on campus. How do they define the line between harmful speech and free speech? And once the line is defined, how are they holding it?

Listen as we explore the challenges of free speech, equity and inclusion, and education with ROBIN HOLMES-SULLIVAN, president ofLewis & Clark College; LA ROND BAKER, legal director for the ACLU of Washington; LISA LANDREMAN, vice president of student affairs at Willamette University; MANU MEEL, CEO of Bridge USA; and several students from PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY.