A Transition Begins

For many of you, this is the first time you’ve heard from me since I assumed the role of President at Hubbell in early 2020.

There’s a reason.

Taking over the reins of any brand is a monumental task. And it comes with enormous risks and challenges – some predictable, some unpredictable. Add to it a global pandemic, a volatile political environment, and an unpredictable economic outlook and it’s easy to understand why I’ve stayed focused on quietly navigating the agency through the last year of sustained headwinds.

But while the world around us was rapidly changing, so were we.

For us, this change brought with it new faces, new ideas, and new energy. It also created enormous clarity on the direction we are now moving in. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been amazingly cathartic. We have steadily and methodically reworked our business model. And that has required us to rethink who we are and the core of why the work we do matters.

In doing so, we’ve uncovered a new way of thinking about the Hubbell brand and the value we bring to our clients and community partners.

Today, we are re-introducing ourselves to our old friends and starting a new conversation with an expanded universe of opportunities ahead of us.

This is the beginning of a transition towards the future. It is a transition built on the legacy of who we’ve been while being intensely focused on who we want to be.

Over the last year, our team spent considerable time drilling into hard questions. We forced ourselves to get uncomfortable – and to name the elephants in the room. We called bullsh*t on the tired agency narratives and pushed ourselves to look beyond the buzz words of the pre-COVID world.

And so, as my first official letter to all of you, I am pleased to share our vision of a new company dedicated to one singular idea: making progress happen.

We hope you enjoy the journey ahead as much as we’ve loved the journey that brought us to this moment.

Meet the new Hubbell: Progress starts here.

Zach Hyder

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