The Fight for Progress Continues

Hubbell is an agency committed to helping communities make progress on tough problems.

Today is not a day of progress. Many of us have never lived in a country where women have faced the prospect of not having access to safe healthcare choices. While some laud today's decision, many of your colleagues, your neighbors, even members of your family are not ok. We must shift our culture away from Us v. Them, and look out for our neighbors with compassion and understanding.

That means finding ways to bridge the divide to make real change in our communities and our country. Creating better communities often requires friction, which is why we must continue to fight.

Fight for the right to protect our bodies.

Fight for the right to marry and love who we want.

Fight for access to fair, equitable and safe healthcare choices.

Fight for the right for every vote to count.

And fight for the right for everyone to have the opportunity to live in a better community.

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