Sparking a Patient Revolution

Patients across the country are fighting to maintain access to life-saving treatments for chronic diseases. Cancer. HIV. Kidney disease. We are helping a diverse community of patients tell their stories – and calling for needed changes to our health care system.



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Empowering patients to change the health care dialogue.

Chronic disease patients face battles that healthy Americans do not. From access to adequate health care to discrimination and the cost of treatment—chronic disease patients know America has room for improvement. Policy issues present opportunities to make meaningful, lasting change for everyone.

In 2015, Hubbell was charged with the critical task of bringing together patients, families, providers, and non-profit organizations with the goal of building a coalition to fight against discriminatory practices embedded within the U.S. healthcare system.

How are we making an impact?

Our team functions as the strategic operations and backbone of the Coalition. We determine the strategic vision and legislative priorities, manage all organizational logistics and serve various communications roles – all while providing on-the-ground support and resources to members and ambassadors.
This requires our team to handle everything from rapid response media relations to designing effective digital media campaigns and working closely with policy influencers across 30+ states.

And the work continues.

We are expanding the Coalition’s focus on emerging priorities with rare disease treatment and federal proposals to extend coverage to more hard-to-treat medical conditions. If you are interested in joining this movement, visit:
Since its inception, the Chronic Disease Coalition (CDC) has grown into a diverse, nationwide network of patient advocates and policy experts working to prevent healthcare discrimination at the federal, state, and local level. CDC advocates for public education, public policy, and is shaping a new conversation about patients’ rights in schools, workplaces, and in our communities.
“As a person with multiple chronic illnesses, I want to ensure that I fight not only to be treated as a decent human being but that all human beings receive the right to access care, equitable treatment, and quality of life. I want to represent the voice of the voiceless and the face of the faceless in the fight against kidney disease and the comorbid conditions connected to them."

– CDC Patient Ambassador

Changing Oregon's Dental Dialogue

The Oregon Dental Association (ODA) sought to reframe Oregon’s dental dialogue. The Hubbell team designed and implemented a robust thought leadership campaign on behalf of the organization designed to educate legislators, staff and civic leaders.

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