Our Work

Hubbell is fearless in our commitment to progress. We believe in asking tough questions to achieve effective solutions. We are committed to not only doing great work but to building better communities. This ignites our drive to question the status quo and surpass what’s expected.

Sparking A Patient Revolution

Patients across the country are speaking out about the fight to maintain access to life-saving treatments for chronic diseases. Cancer. HIV. Kidney disease. We are helping a diverse community of patients tell their story – and building the digital army calling for needed changes to our healthcare system.

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Progress Partners

Changing Oregon’s Dental Dialogue

The Oregon Dental Association (ODA) sought to reframe Oregon’s dental dialogue.
The Hubbell team designed and implemented a robust thought leadership campaign on behalf of the organization designed to educate legislators, staff and civic leaders.

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Confronting a Higher
Education Crisis

Our team built a crisis communications plan as the Board of Trustees began considering its options. We worked alongside leadership to develop a step-by-step strategy to address every communications aspect of a closure—from media relations to employee and student communications to community outreach.

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