Meet Studio H

Public relations is changing. Increasingly, organizations need to be able to turn around compelling , effective content in a fast-moving, real-time media ecosystem. This requires an ability to produce real-time creative content that can persuade hard to reach voters, consumers, and advocacy groups.

Moreover, brands of all shapes and sizes need data-driven business insights and analytics to craft the right narrative approach to engage with target audiences.  

Which is why we created Studio H – a creative studio housed within Hubbell. This new division is a leading-edge content production studio that looks for new ways to communicate with increasingly hard to reach audiences. It specializes in using emerging platforms across diverse media environments.

Creating progress every day.

Making progress on social and economic challenges requires a unique approach to storytelling and capturing people’s attention. Whereas influencing the narrative used to be achieved through earned media, the future is in owned media.

Studio H helps our clients:

  • Ideate
  • Place

Creative Strategy

Our creative team develops the right approach – including the story, the experience, and the point of engagement.

Brand Building

We build brands that connect stakeholders with creators through design, market positioning, asset creation and management.

Campaign Management

Consumer and voter perceptions are constantly changing. We identify and place content at the right time, right place, and right medium to maximize audience reach and message frequency.

Campaign Design

Imagination is nothing without action. We build the right content and media to align with a campaign’s narrative strategy – including video production, digital platform design, and experiential environments.

Creative Production

We bring good ideas to life. Our production team provides clients with creative design, art direction, story development, and visual concepts. Plus, we leverage partnerships with best-in-class creative talent.

Audience Insights

Using a network of research and insights tools, Studio H uses research-driven market analysis to create the right story for the right audience. We use data to manage, monitor and optimize campaign performance – and adjust narrative strategies in real-time.

Need help with a project?

Do you need help with a website, podcast, annual report or other creative project? We're here to help. Please email Gina Maffei to start the conversation.

Interested in becoming a Studio H creative partner?

We're always on the look for new partners and exceptional talent to round out our roster of creative partners. To learn more, please email Gina Maffei.